Hello and Welcome

Our home movie collection pictured as a stack of reels is thanks to my brother Pete who edited and spliced the short regular-eight rolls of three minutes into four-inch reels that run around 16 minutes.

Bravo Pete!

With the footage digitized, I am making the next round of edits, with the mission of creating bite-size movies from the historic footage.

The death of my younger sister, Sara, in 2018, notched up my motivation to take on this project now, and it’s dedicated to her memory.

We grew up in Hopkins, Minnesota, and we encourage family and friends to register and join the discussion about the movie clips. Simply tap on the link below to Log In; then tap on Register (in too tiny print) if this is your first visit. Confused, contact me via the link of your choice below.

Again Welcome and Cheers for Families Everywhere!

. . .